We believe that God’s vision for Mandeville Bible Church is that we would glorify Him by fulfilling these seven core commitments:

A commitment to God’s Word. 

We are a Bible Church. For as long as Mandeville Bible Church exists, we will remain what we have always been – a church built on the foundation of God’s Word, dedicated to the regular and systematic preaching and teaching of the Bible, and to maintaining and practicing sound Biblical doctrine.

A commitment to making disciples.

Our mission as a church is to make disciples. That’s the Great Commission Jesus gave us when He said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19). We want to be a disciple-making church, always seeking to add to our number, and to build up those whom God gives us. We are dedicated to accomplishing God’s mission for us, and we will evaluate everything we do in light of that mission.

A commitment to growing the Church, both locally and globally.

God sent His Son into the world so that the world might be saved through Him (John 3:17). As Christians, we are sent by Christ into the world, even as He was sent by His Father (John 17:18). In seeking to obey Christ’s call, we are committed to the growth of (1) our local church, as we personally share the Gospel, and invite others to join our fellowship, and (2) the global Church, as we personally engage in the work of missions, and support others who are called by God to serve on the mission field. 

A commitment to our children.

We are committed to loving and serving the children in our congregation and in our community, by teaching them the Bible, and by doing everything possible to help them come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, discover God’s purpose for their lives, and build a foundation of faith for the future.

A commitment to caring for one another as the Body of Christ.

We want to be a church that acts like the Body of Christ, one that is marked by unity, fellowship, and care for the entire congregation, as we love one another (John 13:34), serve one another (Gal. 5:13), forgive one another (Col. 3:13), pray for one another (James 5:16), and bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2).

A commitment to serving our community.

We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matthew 5:13-14). As a church, we want to glorify God by letting our light shine before the people of our community. We are committed to sharing the love of Christ in tangible ways, by using our gifts, talents, time, and resources to help those in need. In serving our community, we also hope to build relationships that will lead to opportunities to share the Gospel.

A commitment to prayer.  

We are committed to being a “house of prayer” (Isaiah 56:7; Matthew 21:13), where people are always praying, where prayer is a central part of every activity and every ministry, where prayer meetings are well-attended and Spirit-led, and where God’s answers to our prayers are expected and experienced.